Bonjour Paris Lipstick Review – Best Affordable Indian Lipstick Brand

Bonjour Paris Lipstick Review – Best Affordable Indian Lipstick Brand

Bonjour Paris is one of the best Indian flagship brands of lipstick manufactured by the Cherry Cosmo started on 2008. It is primarily fabricated for the Indian market taking care of the latest fashion. The Bonjour Paris lipstick  is all about the advantages of this particular brand which explains the better performance and configuration of this product.

Best Affordable Indian Lipstick Brand

Is Bonjour Paris Lipstick a Good Brand?

According to the feedback of several customers, a single swipe covers the lips in an instant, minimizing the requirement of daily make up. The lipstick is smooth like butter having a satiny finish and glides naturally and easily on the lips. This product renders a staying power of almost three to four hours, which is comparatively higher in regard to other brands. It does not create streaks on the lips. Moreover the packaging of this product is light weight and tight. All these utilities have been mentioned in the Bonjour Paris lipstick  by the female population of India.

There are varieties of Bonjour Paris matte lipstick shades available in the market. Glaring array of twenty four shades are available in four remarkable finishes of Crème, Matte, Shine and Pearl. Pink, red, orange, peach, nude, neon, metallic burgundy, brown chocolate, rhubarb red shine are some of the popular and best selling shades.

Bonjour Paris lipstick

The choice of shade of lipsticks primarily depends upon the type and tone of the skin. According to a Bonjour Paris brand review, a dusky looking female is best suited by brick red bonjour Paris matte lipstick. This individual shade provides both matte and glossy finish and smells lovely like a chocolate which in addition, instantly moisturizes the lips. The lipstick guarantees a violaceous and fascinating looks for the lips. These lip shades are majorly enriched with Vitamin E and active sunscreen agents such as SPF 10, helps in protection from UV rays. This is believed to be the significant criteria for highly nourishing and fashionable lipstick. Every single shade of lipstick has a sweet fragrance and the beautiful Bonjour Paris logo on the tip which makes the product more attractive.

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Another favorable and highly marketed product of bonjour paris is shade of Hazelnut. It’s a nude shade which flatters all kind of complexion specifically from wheatish to dusky skin. The color resembles dairy milk chocolate and has a mild chocolaty smell.

The bonjour Paris lipstick 32 is a user oriented shade and one of the most accepted products of bonjour Paris, available in cheaper prices. According to standard criteria it has rated a four out of five. It is highly marketable and saleable. The lipstick 32 is a pinkish-brown shade which is comparatively less creamy and crudely pigmented. The color is suitable for all kinds of skin tones ranging from fair to dusky. The lipstick provides a matte finish and furthermore gives a cheesy and smooth feeling. The staying power is almost around three to four hours with rare chance of fading. Besides these glossy and matte lipsticks, this company has also come up with a liquid lipstick product known as Bonjour Paris matte liquid lipstick.

Fewer shades such as dark red, peach and pink are commercially available. The price is around INR 1600 but can be obtained in much lower prices by online shopping.

The bonjour Paris brand review provides an insight about exiting exchange offers, special discount, lower price, promo code, coupon code and cash backs applicable on this hot lipstick. In a single word the bonjour lipstick price in India is very much economical to all categories of Indian population. The products come in affordable range starting from INR 99 to around 750 and exciting range of discounts are offered. The bonjour Paris brand review indicates that it is best to buy their lipsticks via online shopping since companies such as flipkart, amazon , snapdeal etc render a much cheaper price as compared to other sources. Bonjour Paris has ranked in the Comparaboo’s top 10 list and according to 57067 customer reviews (2017), it has inherited a quality score of 8.9 out of 10.


Thus this review highlights the various advantages of bonjour lipsticks in conditioning of the several skin tones. The touch of Bonjour Paris has received a great deal of appreciation in terms of lip care. Preferences in usage of such lip care products are highly recommended. Attractive range of prices of these products enables it to reach the common people of India and could also summon high end brands. A perfect and flawless pout could be achieved effortlessly with the usage of such brand.

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